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Tuesday open thread: What is the Lions’ biggest weakness?

Where is the Lions roster looking the most vulnerable?

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

On Monday, we tackled the Detroit Lionsbiggest strength after the NFL Draft and rookie minicamp. I chose Matthew Stafford—as did several of you—while others praised Detroit’s offensive line, special teams and other intangibles, like attitude. There were even fans that thought the team’s biggest strength was the fans themselves, an opinion later supported by the fact that Lions fans are buying new jerseys at an impressively high rate.

But now it’s time to kill the mood a little bit and focus on the bad. While every team feels invincible at this time of year, the truth is no roster is perfect. No team is without its flaws. And while those flaws won’t likely be exposed for another four or five months, it’s not that hard to see them when you look close. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is the Lions’ biggest weakness?

My answer: Defensive tackle. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of any defensive tackle on the roster outside of A’Shawn Robinson right now. I love Haloti Ngata, but not much can be expected out of the 33-year-old anymore. I’m still scratching my head over the Akeem Spence signing, and while I want to be optimistic about Jordan Hill, his injury history is daunting. For that reason, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lions’ sixth-round pick, Jeremiah Ledbetter, not only make the team, but potentially get some meaningful snaps in his rookie year. That’s not really a good thing, though.

Your turn.