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Wednesday open thread: Best/worst 2017 NFL win total odds

A look at the best and worst win total odds for the 2017 NFL season.

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last week, we discussed the Detroit Lionsodds regarding their win total in 2017. According to Bovada, the over/under line for Lions wins in 2017 is set at eight. We polled readers to see what Lions fans thought of that line. As you probably expected, fans were quite offended by the line. In fact, 77 percent of readers picked the “over” (meaning they believe the Lions will win more than eight games in 2017).

But let’s separate ourselves from our inherent biases and take a look at the rest of the NFL odds, as provided by Bovada.


Cardinals - 8 wins
Falcons - 9.5 wins
Panthers - 8.5 wins
Bears - 5.5 wins
Cowboys - 9.5 wins
Packers - 10 wins
Rams - 5.5 wins
Vikings - 8.5 wins
Saints - 8 wins
Giants - 9 wins
Eagles - 8 wins
49ers - 4.5 wins
Seahawks - 10.5 wins
Buccaneers - 8.5 wins
Washington - 7.5 wins


Ravens - 9 wins
Bills - 6 wins
Bengals - 8.5 wins
Browns - 4.5 wins
Broncos - 8.5 wins
Texans - 8.5 wins
Colts - 9 wins
Jaguars - 6 wins
Chiefs - 9 wins
Chargers - 7.5 wins
Dolphins - 7.5 wins
Patriots - 12.5 wins
Jets - 5 wins
Raiders - 10 wins
Steelers - 10.5 wins
Titans - 8.5 wins

Today’s Question of the Day is:

If you had to bet on one of these lines, which one would you choose? And which betting line would you absolutely stay away from?

My answer: My favorite line to play here is the Browns at 4.5 wins. Though I don’t think Cleveland is really bound to make any big splashes in 2017, I do think they get to five wins. Their roster is too young to make any real push for the playoffs next year, but this was a team that was better than their 1-15 record implied last year, and they are undeniably improved for 2017.

As for my least favorite line, I would go with the Packers. Like the last few years, I haven’t been a huge fan of their offseason, but Aaron Rodgers has carried worse teams to better records. I think the NFC North will be as competitive as ever this year, therefore I think 10 wins is an extremely fair win total for Green Bay.

Your turn.