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Ask POD: Get over here and Lions up

Here’s the mail it never fails...

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome once again to the mailbag. This is the PODcast mailbag, the Pride Of Detroit PODcast mailbag, the one you know and love. Or maybe you don’t love it; maybe you’ve never heard of it, or you just hate it for arcane reasons. That’s okay. To the former we’ll explain things, so that you may love the mailbag; to the latter we offer reeducation courses at no charge. No charge at all.

Here’s how it works: you send in your question—maybe it’s by the comments right below this post, or maybe you fire a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit and include the hashtag #AskPOD—and we’ll tuck it away. Later, when we record the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, we’ll use it at the end of the show for our mailbag segment, which is a time for magical opinions from the POD staff. The best part is that you don’t need to ask us about the Lions. It could be about the Lions, but we’ll take questions on anything, really.

Next, you’ll want to download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes, or grab it off Stitcher. After that, all you gotta do is listen. It’s that simple. Happy mailbagging!