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New custom Detroit Lions jerseys now available for purchase

Finally, the Detroit Lions are offering customized jerseys for their new designs.

Though the Detroit Lions rolled out highly popular new uniforms back in April, they haven’t exactly been thorough in their release of available jerseys to purchase in the new design. For over a month, fans could only select from a limited amount of players; if you wanted a different player’s jersey or your own name on the back, your only choice was to buy a jersey with the team’s old designs.

But that finally changed this week when the Lions released the customizable jerseys on their official team website (h/t to @DetLionsFTW for the heads up). Per usual, you will have to shell out a little extra money for the option to choose the name and number on the jersey. While normal “game jerseys” retail for $99.99, customizable versions run for $149.99.

As of Monday morning, customizable Color Rush jerseys were still unavailable for purchase.

The team is slowly rolling out more and more players available, including most recently a new home Theo Riddick jersey. However, a lot of players are still unlisted and some player options aren’t available in all four new designs. So if you’re still waiting on an Ameer Abdullah or Glover Quin jersey, you’ll have to either customize it yourself or continue to wait.