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Watch former Lions TE Joseph Fauria explain the new celebration rules... through DANCE

Joseph Fauria is back, and he’s still dancing.

Joseph Fauria’s time with the Detroit Lions was short, but oh so sweet. Added as an undrafted free agent after the 2013 NFL Draft, Fauria immediately made a huge impact on the Lions for several reasons. Most notably, Fauria managed to snag five touchdowns in his first seven games and on just eight catches, no less.

But Fauria quickly became known for something much different: His classic touchdown celebrations. Whether it was his spot-on rendition of *NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”, his “gas pedal” celebration, or his mesmerizing twerk that made Brady Quinn squirm, Fauria was making himself known nationally for his end zone gyrations. The dancing jigs provided a brief moment of fame that even got noticed by “The Tonight Show.”

Sadly, things just didn’t work out with the Lions, and his celebration antics were out of Detroit—and the entire league—by 2015.

But Fauria is back! And it’s perfect timing, really, because who better to explain the changes made to the NFL’s celebration rules than the dance master himself? Sports Illustrated thought the same thing and threw together this hilarious video of Fauria dancing on the streets of New York:

While none of these dance moves touch what Fauria did on the field—and most of them continue to be disallowed by the NFL—it’s nice to see Fauria out there doing what he loves: Holding a football in his hands and letting his personality shine through. I just hope someone cleaned off the ball between his pooping and making out celebrations.

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