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What’s Happening? With Mike Payton: Episode 1

On the very first episode, Mike talks about Calvin Johnson, Stafford vs. Roethlisberger and Week 1 of OTAs.

Welcome one, welcome all. Pride Of Detroit has made many discoveries over the years. The telephone, the internet, hot dog sandwiches and we even had the short time atop the Billboard Hot 100. But since our own Jerry Mallory had to step away, video was the one thing that eluded us.

So one day Jeremy Reisman had the bright idea to put the most mediocre looking guy on the site in front of a camera. I was quick to volunteer my services. And just like that, “What’s Happening? With Mike Payton” was born.

Here is our very first video. We ask you to bear with us for a bit while we fine-tune our approach. Today we talked about Detroit Lions OTAs, a certain defensive end leaving town, a certain wide receiver going to summer camp with friends, new overtime rules and what quarterback did the NFL Network say Matthew Stafford was better than?

Thanks for tuning in. As promised, you can check out the NFL Network link about Stafford and Roethlisberger here. Thanks for watching. Be sure to tune in next week.

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