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Memorial Day open thread: What is your favorite food to grill?

To celebrate Memorial Day, let’s talk about the best food to grill.

San Francisco 49ers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If you listen to our Pride Of Detroit PODcast, you probably know that we like to talk--and argue—about food. We like to power rank food. We like to argue whether things are sandwiches or not. Football and food are inarguably linked, and we embrace that combination completely.

Today is Memorial Day, a day where we remember those we have lost during their service in our armed forces. While it seems a little crude to talk about food on a day of remembrance, the truth is barbecuing has become an American tradition on the holiday, and there are plenty of current military servicemen that have no problem with that.

So while everyone should take a moment today and reflect on the numerous sacrifices made in the name of freedom today, let’s also not forget to have a little fun. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite food to grill?

My answer: To me, there’s nothing better than a sizzling hamburger fresh off of a charcoal grill (don’t @ me, gas grill users). I love some charred barbecue chicken. I’ll eat steak anywhere and anytime. But if I’m going out to a community barbecue, there better be a burger there, or I will no longer be friends with the host.

Hot dogs should only be eaten if they ran out of every other food.

Your turn.

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