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Notes: Matthew Stafford is taking his leadership to a new level in 2017

Matthew Stafford appears to have taken his leadership to a new level.

Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images
  • MMQB’s Albert Breer made an interesting observation in his Tuesday column. It appears the Detroit Lions have entrusted Matthew Stafford to teach the offense to his players. Here’s a snippet:

During the ’16 season, the coordinator and quarterback held Tuesday game-planning sessions (like Manning used to) designed to give the triggerman ownership of the plan for Sunday. And now, as I understand it, the coaches are actually teaching the offense through Stafford. What does that mean? Stafford gets coached, and he coaches his teammates through that coaching, which would seem to be that process coming full-circle.

This shows a tremendous amount of trust the Lions coaches have in Stafford.

  • The Lions seemingly relied heavily upon rookies in 2016, but relatively speaking, it was only a little more than the league average (13th):

  • Let’s hope Aaron Rodgers is counting in dog years:

  • Get healthy soon, Theo Riddick:

  • Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated re-graded the 2014 NFL Draft. The Detroit Lions, led by the pick of Eric Ebron, managed just a “C” grade.