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Ask POD: Tactical Lions activated

Arbitrary football countdown date. The mailbag is open.

NFL: International Series-Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone did the freedom thing over the weekend, and now the countdown to football continues. Yessir, there’s football coming, on that horizon, just a little further to go. We will repeat this line for many more weeks to come.

However, the PODcast doesn’t sleep. We’re opening up the mailbag yet again for the audio form of Pride Of Detroit, and it’s your chance to mold what we talk about. We always dive the mailbag for topics to discuss, debate and deliberate. We take anything, be it about the Detroit Lions or just about anything else.

Drop your questions in now in the comments below this post, or send us a tweet at @PrideOfDetroit with the hashtag #AskPOD. Get them in early because we’ll be recording before you know it.

If you aren’t subscribed to the PODcast now, you can find it on iTunes and on Stitcher. As an added bonus, if you leave us a rating and review on iTunes, we’ll make Jeremy Reisman read whatever you write on air. Thanks as always to your support of the PODcast!