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Jarrad Davis’ career is doomed and it’s my fault

The jersey curse has chosen another victim.

Florida Gators v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Many of you already know this, but I carry with me a terrible burden. With any Detroit Lions jersey that I buy comes a terrible curse for the player whose name is imprinted on the back. After purchasing a DeAndre Levy jersey last year—my fifth attempt a purchasing a successful Lions jersey—and witnessing the results, I swore off buying jerseys for the foreseeable future. But that’s not where the story ends.

On Monday, I received a belated birthday gift from a family member in a package labeled NFL Shop. I debated not opening it, since it clearly looked like it was a jersey, but I put the question out to Twitter and they said to defy the jersey curse. Too anxious to take on the quest alone, I documented the jersey unveiling on Facebook Live.

I am so sorry to Jarrad Davis, his family and the Detroit Lions organization. It was not an easy choice to open this package and don the jersey, but I’m committed to beating this jersey curse, even if it sets back the team another decade. I failed with Ernie Sims. I failed with DeAndre Levy. But I truly believe the third time will be a charm with Lions linebacker jersey.

After all, if Calvin Johnson was able to defeat the Madden Curse, who’s to say Davis can’t do the same with the very real Jeremy Reisman Jersey Curse?

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