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NBA Free Agency: Eric Ebron thinks he picked the wrong sport

After seeing some of the cash get dished around during NBA free agency, Ebron is reconsidering his decisions in life.

Detroit Lions v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Early into Saturday’s witching hour, the annual summer extravaganza known as NBA free agency got off to a blazing start.

Paul George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for what may be the smallest return for a superstar—like ever—because the Indiana Pacers were too impatient to wait for a better offer. Ricky Rubio, the playmaking Spaniard was dealt from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Utah Jazzwhere they don’t allow music—and Jeff Teague was inked soon after to continue with the T’Wolves transformation into the league’s Voltron.

Before all of that—and much more that we won’t even begin to cover here—the Clippers managed to retain the services of Broad City star and pretty good basketball player Blake Griffin. It only cost them $175 million over five years to do it, temporarily making him the highest paid player in league history until Steph Curry re-upped with the Golden State Warriors hours later for five years, $201 million. Basically, what I’m trying to say is we can make out an analogy to football here: Blake Griffin is Derek Carr and Steph Curry is Matthew Stafford.

Speaking of football, Eric Ebron had some regrets to air out via Twitter over the career path he chose all those years ago:

But it sounds like the only regret Ebron should feel is when he decides to pull up for a jump shot according to his fellow receiver, Golden Tate:

Ebron did play basketball at Ben L. Smith High School and managed to put up some decent numbers. However, no known footage of this jump shot exists after a few different keyword searches on Google, but if anyone should find anything, post it in the comments below for intense scrutinization and genuine, good-hearted laughs.