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Thursday open thread: Would you allow ads on uniforms if it meant no more commercial breaks?

Corporate logos on uniforms: Worth it to kill commercial breaks?

Djurgarden Hockey v Linkoping HC Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Pro Football Talk proposed an interesting idea for the NFL on Wednesday. With consumers fed up from incessant commercial breaks, and their ability to pull out their cell phones to ignore the ads, PFT suggested an idea to both make NFL fans happier and improve the ad campaigns for NFL sponsors. Mike Florio proposed that the NFL completely gets rid of commercial breaks and, instead, replaces it with heavy in-game advertising, including ads on uniforms. Florio explains:

More specifically, the game would never (or, at most, rarely) go to commercial. In turn, for example, the uniforms would contain corporate logos, the field would have ads superimposed over it before the snap, the static TV score/time graphics would include sales messages, and the announcers would periodically read promotions between plays or during natural breaks in the action.

The idea would revolutionize the way television broadcasts cover the NFL, and would even drastically change how the game is played, but it would come at the cost of corporate logos covering uniforms and distracting ads everywhere on the screen. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Would you allow for heavy in-game advertising, including ads on uniforms, if it meant no more commercial breaks?

My answer: Yes. The ads on the jerseys would be the hardest pill to swallow, but I would do this in an instant. I get immensely jealous watching soccer and seeing a constant stream of uninterrupted play. This method would undoubtedly shorten the game significantly, giving us all a little more time to get on with our lives after a Detroit Lions game.

As for the load of in-game advertising, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to ignore the ads enough to enjoy the game as much as I currently do. I’d probably regret any support for this idea by the 10th time FOX advertises “UNDISPUTED” in the first half, but eventually I’d get desensitized to it.

It would take some time, but I’d also eventually get used to corporate logos on uniforms. In the end, though, soccer jerseys don’t look all that bad.

It would all be worth it, in my opinion, to shave 35 minutes of advertising off an NFL broadcast. No more flipping channels during the break and missing a crucial play. No more touchdown-commercial-review-commercial-kickoff-commercial series. No more awkwardly waiting in the stadium for the TV broadcast to come back live.

Give me this, and give it to me now.

Your turn.


Would you allow for heavy in-game advertising, including ads on uniforms, if it meant no more commercial breaks?

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