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Monday open thread: What is your happiest moment as a Lions fan?

Taste the happy!

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

On Sunday, we all therapeutically released all of the most frustrating moments as a Detroit Lions fan. A certain general manager who shall not be named were acknowledged. Memories of horrible officiating were unearthed. But it’s Monday and it’s time to let all of that go and focus on the positive to kick off the week.

Many people outside of Detroit may not believe it, but there have actually been some great moments of triumph as a Lions fan, and some of them even occurred outside of draft day. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What has been your happiest moment as a Detroit Lions fan?

My answer: It has to be the moment in which the Lions finally put their 11-year postseason drought to rest against the San Diego Chargers. Through the entire 2000s, the Lions endured one of the worst stretches of any team in sports history. During that stretch, the Lions only had one season in which they lost fewer than 10 games.

So when the Lions not only finished above .500 for the first time in this millennium, but managed to make the postseason, too, it was a transformative moment. It marked a significant turn in this franchise that the Lions have held true to ever since. And they did so by beating the crap out of a mediocre Chargers team.

Thankfully, we’re now in a spot where a simple postseason berth isn’t enough to satisfy the fanbase, but I’ll always remember that 2011 moment as the game in which I finally started rooting for a competitive football team again.

Your turn.