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Lions to wear throwback, Color Rush jerseys in 2017

Lions president Rod Wood announced on Monday that the Lions will be wearing all four of their new uniforms in 2017.

Last year, there was some disappointment among Detroit Lions fans that the team was one of few that chose not to wear Color Rush uniforms in 2016. The Lions had developed an all-black uniform, but because they never had a true “Thursday Night Football” game, they never wore them—even though they still chose to sell them to fans.

Now, the Lions have retired the black from their color scheme and have an entirely new set of uniforms—a home, away, throwback and Color Rush design. Team president Rod Wood announced on Monday that fans will be able to see the all of the Lions new uniforms in action during the 2017 season:

The Lions wearing throwbacks on Thanksgiving is a tradition that has been lost for the past few years, but was seen as recently as 2010. Here’s a reminder of what the new throwbacks look like:

As for the Color Rush jerseys, the Lions will be donning them during their odd Saturday afternoon matchup with the Chicago Bears. The game will be televised nationally on NFL Network and will be the first time the Lions will be suiting up in a Color Rush jersey. This year, the uniform is all grey:

Not only are the Lions saving their two special uniforms for divisional opponents, but they’ll also be showing them off in front of a live national audience. Smart move, Mr. Wood.