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The Lions playoff banners at Ford Field are finally gone

The Lions have finally removed one of the biggest eyesores in Ford Field.

The Detroit Lions have long been the laughing stock on the NFL. Back in 2012, they didn’t do themselves any favors when they unveiled a set of new banners hanging from the Ford Field rafters. Though the banners included some real accomplishments, like division titles and even the few championships won back in the 1950s, there were also three extremely embarrassing banners listing every year the Lions had made the playoffs.

Considering the Lions had only made the playoffs 10 times in the Super Bowl era at the time, these banners were more a reminder of futility than a celebration of accomplishments.

But on Wednesday, as the Lions media toured Ford Field and its new renovations, the media noticed the banners were gone. And it doesn’t sound like they’re coming back:

Lions president Rod Wood has done a lot of popular things in his few years at the helm, including bringing back cheerleaders and getting the Lions a home game to end the season, but this may be my favorite thing he has done so far. The playoff banners were an eyesore and made the Lions an extremely easy target.

This team has moved far beyond considering a playoff berth as a true accomplishment.; over a third of the league manages to do that every year. Wood’s removal of the banners shows that the team is no longer content with wild card berths and one-and-done postseasons. In fact, Wood said exactly that to the Lions media:

It’s time to win some playoff games and start hanging some real banners from the rafters. Thank you, Rod Wood.