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Sunday open thread: What was the biggest Lions con job?

Pacquiao got robbed on Saturday night. But the Lions have been robbed plenty, too.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night marked another controversy in the boxing ring. Despite every single statistic pointing to a decisive win by titleholder Manny Pacquiao, challenger Jeff Horn walked away with the welterweight title by way of unanimous decision from the judges.

Controversy is nothing new in the boxing world. In fact, it’s one of its defining features nowadays.

That being said, the Detroit Lions have been on both ends of a plenty of their own controversies. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is the worst con job the Detroit Lions have ever been a part of?

My answer: Obviously the Cowboys-Lions pass interference game comes to mind immediately, but because that’s an obvious answer, I’ll skip it. At the time, I was much angrier with Jim Caldwell’s decision not to immediately go for it following that call anyways.

But the officiating call that still bugs me to this very day is from Week 1 of 2010. Soldier Field. That’s right, the Calvin Johnson Rule game. The game that sent us down this hellacious “what is a catch?” path that we can’t seem to get off of.

I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on when a review is going to get overturned or not, and I had never been more sure that when they were reviewing Johnson’s game-winning catch, that it was painfully obvious he caught the ball and the initial call of incomplete would be easily overturned.

Maybe it was because of the Matthew Stafford injury earlier in the game, or maybe it’s my extreme hatred of the Chicago Bears, but when the refs announced that the incomplete call stood, I was inconsolable for a good 2-3 hours after the game. In fact, that wound still hasn’t completely healed. It was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in football and it has led to some of the most idiotic rule tinkering in professional sports.

Your turn.