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Thursday open thread: If you could change the outcome of 1 Lions game, what would it be?

Where would change the course of Lions history?

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon, Michael Dunlap of FanSided posted an interesting question to Twitter:

This question particularly hit me hard, because it seems after every single Detroit Lions loss, I obsess over little moments that could have turned the game in Detroit’s favor. “If the refs hadn’t called that holding penalty...” “If Eric Ebron hadn’t dropped that pass...” “If Ziggy would have wrapped up that sack...”

There are so many little moments in sports that could wildly affect the course of a game. That’s one of the things about sports that makes it so enthralling.

So let’s take Dunlap’s question and limit ourselves to just Detroit Lions games. Today’s Question of the Day is:

If you change the outcome of one Lions game during your lifetime, what would it be?

My answer: There are so many good choices to pick from. Maybe you’d pick the Lions’ season finale in 2008, to make sure the Lions never go 0-16, but also end the Lambeau curse a few years early. I imagine most of you, especially the younger fans, would jump straight to the 2014 playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys and have the Lions win their first playoff games since the 1991 season. Or maybe you just want to erase the memory of bad play. Make it so the Calvin Johnson rule never happened, or so that the Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary only referred to that crazy throw against the Cardinals in the 2015 playoffs. Of course, nothing would be more impactful than changing the outcome of the 1991 NFC Championship game, sending the Lions to their one and only Super Bowl.

With my newfound power, I almost want to hurt the Packers as much as I want to help the Lions. They’ve had it too good for too long and if I could change one game, I would want to make sure it punished them, even if for just one season. And I wouldn’t have to go far to do it. I would change the Lions’ regular season finale in 2016.

Remember where we were on January 1st? Everyone was down on the Lions and could see a loss to the Packers coming. Detroit was in the midst of their patented late-season tailspins and there was no way they’d actually beat the Packers to win their first NFC North title in franchise history. Of course, that all turned out to be true, but it would have been glorious to not only prove all of those “Same old Lions” fans wrong, but to end the Packers’ five-game winning streak and finally lorde the division over them. Sure, they would have made the playoffs just the same, but at the same time, we’d finally see what a home playoff game at Ford Field looked like.

Your turn.

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