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Detroit Lions fan guide to Ford Field: Parking tips, seating suggestions, tailgating, food, more

We help you find the best ways to enjoy a Lions game

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Just ten more weeks until football returns to Motown. That time when Detroit Lions fans from all over travel to downtown Detroit to pack into Ford Field to watch their favorite football team.

I recently discussed this with a friend who had never been to a Lions game before. He asked me every question under the sun. Where should I sit? What’s the best place to eat? What fun things are there to do downtown? This got me to thinking. I know my answers, but I wonder what other Lions have to say about the subject.

So I went to Twitter to find out what Lions fans had to say on the subject. And without further ado, or adieu if you’re an French major, here’s the Pride Of Detroit Out Of Towners Guide to being a Lions fan.

Where to park?

These are some pretty good options. Outside of this, there are plenty of parking garages around the city with room. And they generally charge around $8-10 for the whole day. But if you want a real tip, I say go to McShanes on Michigan Ave. Across the street from the old Tigers Stadium.

$10 will get you parking, two beers and a shuttle ride to the game. There’s always parking and the shuttles run back and forth all day long. You can also do this for Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings games as well. And even if you’re not going to game, the food and atmosphere inside on game day is fun. Go check it out and order yourself a Strohs.

Where to eat?

These are all great answers. There’s tons of great places to go eat in downtown Detroit. But it’s the man with one letter in his name that was right. R. absolutely nailed it with his recommendations of coney dogs.

Coney dogs are a Detroit institution. There are tons of different cuisines in the area, but if you really want to know what Detroit is about in my opinion, you have to eat a coney. And there’s no better place downtown than American and Lafayette.

These are interesting places. They are two different coney restaurants sat right next to each other on Lafayette St., which is within walking distance from Ford Field. The story is that they used to be one restaurant until the family couldn’t agree on a chili recipe.

I, myself, am a Lafayette man, but I highly recommend you try both in the same day if you’ve never been. It’s a fun outing and the food is good at both. Just better at Lafayette.

Where to tailgate?

Both are right. Tailgating at Eastern Market really is something else. If you want to meet a ton of Lions fans and party, you have to set up your tailgate here. Although I must warn you, you have to show up plenty early if you plan on parking there. I’m talking 8 a.m. early.

But it really is a trip. You can walk around and meet new people and see their decked out tailgate trailers and all of that stuff. There are also bars within walking distances if you want to pop in there for a beer. I recommend checking out Cutters bar on Orleans Street and don’t sleep on their food, either.

Things to do?

Let’s say you’re coming into Detroit for the whole weekend and you’re looking for something to occupy your Friday and Saturday. Well everything is within driving distance. The Detroit Zoo, The Henry Ford Museum and there’s the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

Not to mention there are three casinos in downtown Detroit. The MGM, Greektown and Motor City. And if you need more, cross over the border to Canada and visit the casinos in Windsor. What I’m trying to say is that there are plenty of places to lose your rent money at.

If none of that interests you, check out Greektown itself. There are all kinds of cool things to see and interesting foods to eat. Speaking of food, here’s a bonus food joint for you. If you’re staying over night, go to The Clique on East Jefferson for breakfast. It’s incredible. But make sure you get there early. It’s a small place and it’s packed on Sunday mornings after church.

Where to sit?

Finally, we come to the important part. Where is the best places to sit? Well let’s take a look. First off, I’d like to thank Kristen. I don’t know you, or what you’re trying to figure out here, but your tweet works perfectly. Thanks, Kristen.

Alright let’s start it off with the expensive seats. If you’re a Big Tymer and you’re looking to get your roll on, I recommend section 104, having sat there before on multiple occasions. It’s good enough to get the feeling of being on the 50-yard line, without spending 50-yard line money.

Another good section I like 100 or 101. Yeah, the corner seems like an odd choice, and I thought that when I was purchasing tickets, but it wound up being one of my favorite seats in the building. Especially if you can get the highest row. You’re right up against the wall. You don’t have to worry about people sitting behind you, of course this was the one time someone spilled beer on me.

I’ve never sat in the endzone before, so I don’t have a whole lot to say about that. But my pal Kevin does. Kevin, take it away. Tell us about end zone seats.

Thanks, Kevin.

Essentially what I’m saying is there really aren’t any bad seats in the lower bowl. The upper bowl is a whole other story. That’ a building joke. I’m not that funny. Anyhow, I’ve had friends sit in these seats before. And while you can see the game, you’ll often find yourself looking at the jumbotron instead of what’s on the field.

Finally, unless you’re bringing little ones, do not buy tickets in the family fun zone. Alcohol is not permitted in these seats. Even worse, swearing isn’t either. And if you’ve been a Lions fan long, then you know swearing is part of the game.

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