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Friday open thread: What was your favorite play from Thursday’s preseason games?

There were highlights aplenty on Thursday night.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Though there had already been two preseason games played prior to Thursday night, it really feels like the season began last night. There were seven different games on Thursday night and with action happening at every moment, it felt just a little like a fall Sunday afternoon.

There was plenty to love about Thursday’s action. There were impressive catches, huge hits and beautiful throws.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What was your favorite thing from Thursday’s slate of games?

My answer: Well, it would be hard for me to honestly say anything other than the way the Chicago Bears came out against the Denver Broncos.

Here’s their third offensive play:

Now here’s their ninth:

For Bears fans, though, those are distant memories. Their new savior, rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, lit up the Broncos’ third and fourth-string defenders. Obviously, Trubisky has a long ways to go, but it was an admittedly impressive debut for the second overall pick.

But let’s end this on something other than the Bears. My (second) favorite thing of the night was this incredible catch by Patriots receiver Austin Carr. On first viewing it may not look all that impressive, but make sure you watch the replay. The air Carr gets and the timing of the jump to make sure he catches the ball at his highest point, all while staying in-bounds at the edge of the endzone ,is mind-blowing.

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