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WATCH: Kenny Golladay scores the first TWO Lions touchdown of the year

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Ain’t no hype train like a Kenny Golladay hype train, ‘cuz a Kenny Golladay hype train don’t stop.

The Detroit Lions opened scoring against the Indianapolis Colts early in the first quarter after Jake Rudock connected with rookie Kenny Golladay for a 23-yard score.

Watch the play below:

Golladay has been the hype of training camp, and he looks to be continuing the legend into the preseason. This catch is especially impressive since it appears he’s dealt with a good amount of contact before the ball even got there.

Golladay, the Lions’ third-round draft pick, is in competition to become the Lions’ No. 3 receiver. TJ Jones got the start with the first-team offense on Sunday and picked up a big 22-yard catch from Matthew Stafford.

However, Golladay responded with an impressive drive of his own. In addition to the first touchdown of the game, Golladay snagged 15-yard catch from Rudock.

The competition at wide receiver is far from over, but the Golladay hype appears to be more than practice fodder.


He did it again.