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PODcast: Lions vs. Colts recap: Who impressed and who depressed?

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Ryan was on a golf course and he takes a stab at the takes.

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions football is on the television and the PODcast steams right into town. It’s time to talk about Kerry Hyder, A’Shawn Robinson and the whole cast of misfits and adventurers. Get ready for the PODcast because it’s coming your way with everything you need to know from the Colts dustup.

But that’s not all. We keep playing various one-off games and we also get to laugh at Jay Cutler. It’s a full package. Come on in and get it now.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Preseason is here! Why aren’t you excited? Get excited.
  • Ryan was on a golf course and he tries to guess the storylines from this one through what people told him out there, plus Twitter.
  • Jeremy and I get to crunching on Kerry Hyder, Kenny Golladay and many more.
  • Impress/Depress: Jeremy and I talk about which players impressed us from the game and which ones depressed us (ie: we had hopes up for them but they couldn’t pull through).
  • PODcast goes around the NFL and takes a look at what happened with Jay Cutler, Mitch Trubisky’s debut and the Bills’ dysfunction.
  • Mailbag talks more about the first preseason game, fires half the league’s coaches and discusses Pickle Rick.