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First Byte podcast: Lions Preseason Week 2 preview: The Jets aren’t a real football team

Metaphysical questions, roster musings and cheap tacos on the premiere Lions preview mini-podcast.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

First Byte is the preview podcast spinoff of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast. Whereas PODcast can be a long, plodding affair full of fun segments and hijinks, First Byte is lean and nasty; a starved hyena of Detroit Lions information, thirty minutes of content looking to eat a young wildebeest.

Normally First Byte welcomes on guests from the SB Nation family, but we couldn’t hunt down a New York Jets guest in time, so Ryan and I have to tackle this by ourselves. We wonder, quite loudly, if the Jets are indeed a real football team. This gets metaphysical, as does our musings on how one necessarily tanks in the NFL.

But make no mistake, it’s the preseason and our focus is on the Detroit Lions. We talk about Brandon Copeland’s injury and how it affects the roster, and we name the Lions we feel have the best shot to improve their stock on Saturday. Get the podcast now and listen before kickoff. Be ready for Lions football.

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