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5 bold predictions for Detroit Lions vs. New York Jets

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Here’s what we think may happen Saturday night when the Lions face off against the Jets.

New York Jets v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It’s gameday. The Detroit Lions and New York Jets will face off Saturday night at Ford Field. The two teams enter the game with matching 1-0 records, but nobody really cares about that.

Instead of predicting who will move to 2-0 and who will drop to a meaningless 1-1, let’s dig a little deeper and make five bold predictions for Lions vs. Jets.

1. Jarrad Davis gets an interception

Davis didn’t get much time in the preseason opener against the Colts, playing in just 14 snaps. But the first-round rookie will need to get some playing time under his belt before the start of the regular season, and Saturday night would be a good time for that.

The Jets quarterbacks are not very good, leaving a prime opportunity for Davis to get his first interception of the year. Christian Hackenberg, you’ve been warned.

2. The most-impressive defensive back on the field will be Teez Tabor

Let’s keep the rookie hype going with second-round corner Teez Tabor. Though Tabor remains somewhat quiet—and occasionally disappointing—in training camp, he’s been often categorized as a “gamer.”

I’m not expecting an interception from Tabor, but I do think we’ll see him in very sticky coverage against a poor set of Jets receivers. Expect at least two passes defended from Tabor with a 20 percent probability of a pick.

3. Ameer Abdullah will break out a 40-yard run

The Jets have a pretty solid defensive line, but I am just waiting for the Ameer Abdullah Hype Train to catch up to Kenny Golladay. The best asset Abdullah brings to the Lions offense is his ability to break out a long run.

Remember that preseason game he had against the Jets in his rookie year?

It’s happening again, y’all. Get excited.

4. The Lions offense gets called for four holding penalties

Jim Caldwell was pretty happy that the Lions were only called for six penalties last week, all of which came in the second half. He won’t be as happy this week. The Lions offensive line wasn’t good last week and probably got away with a few holds. Against a decent defensive line, the Lions are going to struggle and they are going to hold.

5. Kenny Golladay scores two more touchdowns