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VIDEO: Watch Marvin Jones’ amazing jump rope touchdown celebration

Perfect pass. Exceptional celebration.

The Detroit Lions’ first-string offense had struggled early on. Their only possession in the first preseason game ended in an interception. To start Saturday’s game against the Jets, the Lions managed just three points after a shortened field. In fact, Matthew Stafford almost threw another pick off a tipped pass.

But on the Lions’ third drive of the night, Stafford and the Lions’ offense finally got in a rhythm. Starting at their own 22-yard line, the Lions marched all the way down the field in 11 plays, and Stafford topped it off with this beautiful throw to Marvin Jones Jr.:

While we all may have liked to see Kenny Golladay pull in that touchdown, it’s good to see Stafford connecting with Jones after their chemistry trailed off last year.

But that wasn’t even the best part of the highlight. Jones pulled off an amazing celebration in the endzone after the play:

No, Jones isn’t doing the weirdest dance in the world. He’s actually participating in a group celebration with Golden Tate and TJ Jones. Here’s a better angle:

Yes, that’s a double dutch celebration from the trio of receivers, and, yes, that’s completely legal now. Remember, the NFL eased up on their celebration rules this season, which can now include group dances.

If that doesn’t get you excited for the regular season, I don’t know what will.