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Injury update: Tahir Whitehead leaves Patriots game with knee injury

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The Lions’ starting WILL linebacker left Friday’s game early and did not return.

Detroit Lions v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Things may have gone from bad to worse for the Detroit Lions. While their performance in the first quarter was a disaster, the team stayed relatively healthy through the first 15 minutes.

But the Lions got some bad news in the second half. The Lions announced in the third quarter that starting weakside linebacker Tahir Whitehead is OUT for the remainder of the game with a knee injury.

It’s never good when a player is declared out instead of questionable or doubtful to return, but the Lions could be overly cautious since it’s only a preseason game.

The Lions aren’t particularly deep at linebacker, so if this is serious injury to Whitehead, it would be huge blow to the defense. Whitehead is one of the few linebackers on the roster who has been under Teryl Austin’s defense for several years now, and he showed promise moving back to the outside after a rough year as Detroit’s middle linebacker.

In addition to Whitehead, tight end Cole Wick suffered a chest injury on a big hit in the first half of the game. He was also declared out after staying down on the field for several minutes. Wick is one of many tight ends in competition for Detroit’s fourth tight end position, should the Lions decide to keep four tight ends.