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PODcast: Detroit Lions 53-man roster prediction with PFF’s Brett Whitefield

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He couldn’t just stay away so we had him back on. Also we talked about Lions-Pats.

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NFL: New England Patriots at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This is what we get. We mention Brett Whitefield one time and suddenly he wants to come back to see us again. Well hell, our doors are open. He’s back baby. Pro Football Focus’ own comes on to discuss the Detroit Lions with us, because he’s swell like that.

The Patriots game sucked, but you knew that already. We talk about it for a while, but we’re also eager to figure out who’s going to be on this roster come the regular season. We give you the inside scoop on what to expect. Don’t miss it.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Yikes, that kinda sucked. We talk about what you can glean from Patriots-Lions and how it’s served to slow the roll on feeling good about parts of this team.
  • Impress/Depress. I really like this game and I’m going to miss it once it’s gone. But once again, three guys who impressed us and three guys we’re just not feeling.
  • Brett helps us break down the final 53-man roster with prime PFF knowz-it. Some surprises and contentions between the PODcast crew on more than a few names, but we have the inside track on who will still be wearing Honolulu Blue in September.
  • Mailbag discusses Chris Spielman, Christian Hackenberg and a lot more. A review saves the PODcast from discussing wrestling.