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Tuesday open thread: Matthew Stafford Appreciation Day

No question today, just celebrate.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If you went to bed early on Monday night, you may have completely missed the news that Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions have agreed to terms that will make him the highest-paid player in the NFL. Stafford’s new deal will reportedly be worth $135 million over five years and comes with a whopping $92 million guaranteed.

As with any monumental decision like this, the contract has come under scrutiny by some, but a large majority of Lions fans are excited about having a franchise quarterback around for at least another five years. In fact, as of late Monday night, 83 percent of Lions fans approved of the deal.

So while there are some valid reasons to be worried about the deal or to be skeptical about Stafford himself, this is not the article to voice those concerns.

There is no Question of the Day today. Today, we celebrate the longest-tenured Lions quarterback in the history of the franchise deciding to stick around for another five years.

I want GIFs. I want memes. I want your favorite Stafford highlights. I want every darn comment to be blue. We don’t get a lot of opportunities to celebrate as Lions fans, so we better not waste this one.

I’ll start (via Reddit):

Matthew Stafford is—and will continue to be—the Lions’ franchise quarterback. I feel good (I knew that I would).

Your turn.

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