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The Stafford contract is favorable for the Lions, and others things we’d rather talk about than the Bills game

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First Byte previews uh, a contract. Yeah.

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NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

First Byte is a strictly preview podcast. It is all preview content. That is the rules, and that’s what we’re doing here.

Thankfully we were never good about following rules or orders, so here we are talking about Matthew Stafford’s brand new contract instead. Like all First Byte podcasts, it’s a cool 30-some minutes and easy to get through. Sit down for a spell and listen to us talk about the new contract for the Lions quarterback, all the particulars that make it favorable for the Lions in the long run and which national media sports guy has lost his damn mind with the Hot Takes against Stafford. This one is a stinker.

We talk about Buffalo a bit too, I guess. Stick around to hear the words “Kerry Hyder Jr. Special” which is now part of the Pride Of Detroit canon.

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