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Lions vs. Bills: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions’ final preseason game.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

No more fake football! That’s it. It’s over. The Detroit Lions wrapped up the preseason Thursday night with a 27-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills. It was quite a surprising loss, considering the Bills traded three players during the game and played two quarterbacks that even Kent Lee Platte has never heard of, and that guy has a dossier on every player in the league.

The best news about this game is that we are just 10 days away from the start of the regular season. There is only one way to describe my happiness about that.

Anyhow, as always, I have thoughts on Thursday’s game. These are those thoughts.

If the Lions lose all of their defensive starters, it’s going to be bad

If the Lions should contract a special flu that blew in from outer space, and they are forced to start the defense we saw on Thursday night, they’re going to lose every game.

The Lions could not stop a running back to save their lives on Thursday. They allowed 205 rushing yards and three touchdowns. In a game where guys were playing for roster spots or playing just to get some tape out, there weren't many bright spots at all.

The Lions crossed the line

And by crossed it, I mean they seemingly lived on the wrong side of it throughout the first half. Scratch that, they got called for a neutral zone infraction on two plays in a row. Then Pat O’Connor got jealous and added an offsides of his own. Kris Kocurek was later seen breaking two-by-fours with his bare hands behind the building.

Rumble, young man, rumble

Lions fans have been waiting to see Tion Green do something that would excite them since the Lions picked him up after the NFL Draft. On Thursday, he did just that. This 78-yard jaunt is about as pretty as you could hope for it to be.

Note Green’s awareness and wherewithal to move all around the field, in every which direction, on his way to the end zone. He looked like an old pro out there. Green is likely to hit the Lions’ practice squad if he clears waivers, and if he does, he could be a fun watch in next year’s preseason.

Quarterbacks have a bad day

Sadly the Lions will have to put a halt on the Jake Rudock statue that’s being erected outside Ford Field. Rudock did not look anything like he did against the Patriots last week. While he did have one really nice scramble, his passing left a lot to be desired.

If you’re one of those people that don’t want the Lions to trade Jake Rudock, have no fear. He likely killed some of his trade stock against the Bills.

As for Brad Kaaya, this was probably the last game he’ll be playing for a while. The Lions should make sure they try to keep him on their practice squad. Kaaya has a long way to go.

Tabor standing up to the pressure

For the second week in a row, opposing quarterbacks went straight for the Lions’ second-round draft pick. In the early going, he had a little trouble. But he would quickly turn things around and finish the game with six tackles and a nice little pass deflection.

This other guy did a Lott of stuff

Derrick Lott will not be a guy that gets himself a roster spot. Lott signed with the Lions on Sunday, likely just for this one game. But the guy showed up and seemed to be just about everywhere in this game. He finished the day with five tackles. Good job, Derrick. We see you out there.

For the last time, it’s only preseason

If there’s at least one preseason game that Lions fans don’t have to be overly worried about, it’s this game. Yet, surprisingly, there was a lot of worry. Considering the Lions did get taken to the woodshed almost immediately. It’s going to be okay, but for next year, let’s hope the Lions have a better chance in the Buffalo Stance.

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