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Friday open thread: Do you want Chad Johnson at Lions practice on Friday?

The boisterous receiver is planning to attend practice on Friday. Are you okay with that?

Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennessee Titans - October 16, 2005 Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary

The Detroit Lions are back at practice Friday morning with their first AM practice of the year. It will be their fifth training camp practice this week, but there will be an interesting audience member on Friday.

Back on Wednesday, former NFL receiver Chad Johnson announced his plans to visit Lions camp. “I love you guys & I’ll see you Friday,” Johnson told the Lions official Twitter account.

While it’s always a little hard to know if Johnson is being serious, he certainly seems like he will follow up on his promise.

Johnson is a naturally polarizing personality. Some love him for his unforgiving personality and some even find it infectious. Others find him annoying and distracting, always trying to steal the spotlight when he’s in a room.

So today’s Question of the Day is simple:

Do you want Chad Johnson at Lions training camp practice?

My answer: Obviously, Johnson is free to do whatever he wants, and I am not at all in favor of any rules banning him. The Lions have publicly welcomed to camp, anyways.

Regardless, I am happy to have Johnson at camp, if for no other reason than it’s creating a little extra buzz for the team. Is he going to be a bit distracting for the people in attendance? Yeah, probably. Will he be distracting to a point where it could hurt the Lions? I highly doubt it.

Lions practices have been notoriously organized and efficient under Jim Caldwell. Johnson’s presence may grab the attention of a player or two during drills, but it won’t be for long and it certainly won’t affect Detroit’s win-loss record in 2017.

Johnson is an entertainer and a performer. He’s going to try to bring a bit of fun and excitement to camp on Friday, and that’s a good thing. This game is supposed to be fun, and adding a little to practice never hurt anyone. If you think otherwise, you can kiss the baby.

Your turn.


Do you want Chad Johnson at Friday’s training camp practice?

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