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Bob Quinn on Matthew Stafford contract: ‘I’m confident we’ll get something done’

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Though the two sides remain far apart, Bob Quinn remains confident a deal will be struck.

NFL: Detroit Lions-Training Camp Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions finished up their Mock Game at Ford Field on Saturday without any major incidents—unlike last year’s big scare with Eric Ebron.

However, before the practice was even underway, Lions general manager Bob Quinn gave a big update on where negotiations lie with quarterback Matthew Stafford.

“Matt has taken this situation with his contract in stride,” Quinn told the media (via The Detroit Free Press). “It doesn’t bother him, it doesn’t me. I’m confident we’ll get something done.”

Stafford has refused to give any updates on the negotiations, saying that his agent deals with that part of the business, while he focuses on football. But a report from Tom Pelissero earlier in the week suggests that there is a “substantial gap” between Stafford and the Lions.

Quinn seemed to echo that report, adding, “There’s a long way to go on that, but it’s good on both sides.”

While it’s still a little disheartening to hear that the two sides have a ways to go, the fact that Quinn remains confident and positive about negotiations says two things about where things stand: That the two sides are still actively talking, and Quinn is still very motivated to get a deal done.

It doesn’t seem like a deal will get done in the immediate future, but as pointed out by our own Mike Payton, Stafford’s agent has a history of making last-minute deals just before the season begins. So we’ll all just have to be a little patient over the next few weeks while the two sides try to hammer something out.