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Calvin Johnson visits Dolphins training camp

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Still no sign that he’s interested in visiting Lions camp.

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Calvin Johnson training camp tour continues... without a sign that he’s interested in visiting the Detroit Lions.

On Monday, Johnson was spotted at Miami Dolphins camp, as first reported by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

Earlier in the offseason, Johnson showed up during the Oakland Raiders’ organized team activities. During that visit, Johnson hung around former Lions offensive assistant Todd Downing, the Raiders’ current offensive coordinator.

Much like that visit, Johnson got to visit with a former coach in Miami. Shawn Jefferson was a wide receivers coach in Detroit from 2007 to 2012, spanning six years of Johnson’s nine-year career. Now Jefferson holds the same role with the Dolphins.

Despite showing up to another team’s practice, there is still no sign that Johnson has any intentions of helping out the Lions. Back in July, Lions president Rod Wood revealed to WJR Radio that he has extended a training camp invitation to Johnson. Head coach Jim Caldwell reiterated that he would be welcome back anytime. “Our practices are open to all alumni,” he said back in May.

While Johnson hasn’t said anything public about attending Lions camp, he has been very vocal this offseason about his displeasure with the team. First, in an interview during one of his summer camps, Johnson said he was unhappy with the way things ended in Detroit. Just a few months later, Johnson told a group of Italian reporters that he felt “stuck” in his contract with the Lions and retired, in part, because he didn’t think they were in a good place to win the Super Bowl.

Many expect this to blow over, much like the bitterness between Barry Sanders and the team—Sanders now holds a “brand ambassador” position for the company—but at this point, there are no signs of a mended relationship.