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Lions vs. Cardinals: First half quick thoughts

Thoughts on an ugly first half.

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The game between the Lions and Cardinals got off to an eventful start. Here are my quick thoughts from the first half of the game.

  • The mental mistakes to start this game were absolutely baffling. Granted this was the first time that Dwayne Washington was the primary kick returner and the first game ever for Kasey Redfern, but those two special teams mistakes were absolutely horrible. Washington not only mindlessly took the ball out of the endzone, costing Detroit 10 yards of field position, but he also took a personal foul penalty on a punt return.

  • Then, of course, Jake Rudock, in as a replacement holder, bobbles the snap of an extra point and costs the team another point.

  • Tough break on the Matthew Stafford pick six. Golden Tate couldn’t fight through physical coverage and Stafford threw to a spot Tate never got to.

  • Stafford’s third down scramble was easily the biggest play of the first half for the Lions. He extended the drive with his legs, then extended the play with his legs a few plays later for the touchdown pass to Marvin Jones.

  • This is neat:

  • The Lions offensive line doesn’t look all that much better. Detroit ran for just 46 yards on 13 carries (3.5 YPC) in the first half. Stafford was only sacked once, but was under duress throughout the first two quarters.

  • How about this Detroit Lions defense? Before the final drive of the half, Arizona had just 65 yards of offense. The Lions defense hadn’t really given up a single point (pick six and punt snap fumble). Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop the Cardinals until they got into the red zone at the end of the half.

  • Matt Prater is a special teams god among peons.

  • The Lions couldn’t have made more mistakes on offense and special teams and are still just down one with the ball coming their way to start the second half. Let’s go.