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Lions punter Kasey Redfern carted off, OUT for game

The Detroit Lions punter suffered a pretty serious injury after bobbling a snap.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions ugly start may have just gotten uglier. After a three-and-out deep in their own zone, the Lions were forced to punt. New punter Kasey Redfern bobbled the snap and was forced to improvise. It did not go well.

Not only did the Lions turn the ball over deep in their own zone, but Redfern took a huge shot from the Cardinals defender.

After a few plays, Redfern was forced to leave the field on a cart towards the locker room.

According to the team, Redfern is questionable to return with a knee injury.

With Sam Martin still on the NFI list because of an ankle injury, the Lions currently don’t have a punter on the team. That means they’ll likely have to rely on Matt Prater for punts for the rest of the game, unless Redfern is able to return to the game.

We’ll update the story as the situation unfolds.

UPDATE: Matt Prater took the first punt in the second quarter. He kicked it for 32 yards and failed to pin the Cardinals within their own 20-yard line.

UPDATE #2: Redfern has been declared out for the rest of the game.