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Friday open thread: Which Giants player should scare the Lions the most?

What player on the Giants roster would keep you up at night?

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The New York Giants didn’t look all that scary on Sunday night. The Dallas Cowboys controlled the game from start to finish, beating the Giants by a final score of 19-3.

But the Giants are far from an untalented team. There are plenty of players on their roster that could give the Detroit Lions trouble on Monday night. They’ve got one of the best secondaries in the league, a terrifying pass rush and one of the biggest superstars in the league at receiver.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Giants player scares you the most?

My answer: Landon Collins. The All Pro safety has been one of the most understated defensive players in his two years in the NFL. In his rookie year, he racked up 112 total tackles. Not only did Collins up his game last year by reaching 125 total tackles, but he added four sacks and five interceptions to his repertoire.

Collins is one of the best two-way safeties in the league. He’s a terror in the run game and his ball-hawking skills makes him a real threat as a pass defender, too.

In last year’s game, Collins posted eight tackles against the Lions, and was a big reason Detroit only scored six points that game. If the Lions can’t maneuver around Collins on Monday, they could struggle offensively again.

Your turn.