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Lions-Giants preview: 5 Questions with Big Blue View

We didn’t ask about Odell, because there’s five better questions to pose instead.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Monday is coming, and so are the G-Men. It’s time to talk Giants with Big Blue View, and we reached out to Edward Valentine to figure out where New York’s other* football team stands in this early season.

*Before you ask, they’re both the “other” team.

1. This is the second primetime game in a row for the Giants. How are you holding up?

I'm fine. It's not me I'm worried about. Or the Giants for that matter. The fan base is going to be absolutely apoplectic if the Giants don't win Monday night, meaning Big Blue View won't be a fun place to be around.

2. What did you see from Evan Engram in the season opener? Lions have generally struggled with tight ends, but how much of him will we see on Monday night?

You will see a lot of him. He played 48 of 57 snaps vs. Dallas, so he's the No. 1 tight end. I don't think we saw everything Engram can do against the Cowboys. He's got too much speed for linebackers and should be able to threaten the middle of the field. The Giants didn't really get him the ball there last week.

3. The Cowboys offensive line is a harsh test to see in the first week, but how good is the pass rushing right now from the Giants?

I'll make this simple. The defensive line -- with Damon Harrison, Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul -- is, for me, as good as any defensive line in football. Oh, and rookie defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson is pretty good, too.

4. What is the one thing, besides Odell Beckham's injury, that has remained the largest question mark for this team?

Offense. Plain and simple. They scored only 3 points vs. Dallas, and haven't reached 20 points in any of their last seven games. That's not going to be good enough.

5. Is Eli?

Eli is whatever people think he is. I've been arguing about him for 14 years. People's opinions have been ingrained for most of that time. He's got two Super Bowl rings, in which he deservedly won MVP both times. For my money he is the best quarterback the Giants franchise has ever had.