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LISTEN: Dan Miller’s best calls from the Meadowlands

“He’s in the clear! Jamal Agnew! He’s gone!”

Detroit Lions v New York Giant Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

What’s the only thing better than watching the Detroit Lions take center stage on Monday Night Football and playing well? If you said “listening to Dan Miller and Jim Brandstatter call the Lions’ dominance on the Lions Radio Network,” then you are in good company on this site. Remember: Dan Miller is the best.

We start the party with a pair of Matthew Stafford touchdowns in the first half. Capping their second drive of the game, Stafford to Marvin Jones on a 27-yard connection gave Detroit an early lead with four minutes to go in the opening quarter:

After trading turnovers in the second quarter, Stafford kept the play alive on third-and-6 at the 7-yard line and found Eric Ebron for a stellar full-extension touchdown on the right side of the end zone:

For the rest of the game, defense and special teams took over. Following up on a Ziggy Ansah sack, rookie Jarrad Davis went for the slam again on Eli Manning to help usher the Giants’ offense from the field:

Another drive, another sack; this time, Ziggy Ansah’s 7-yard takedown of Eli Manning on third down got the ball back for Detroit’s offense:

Near the end of the half, the team stalled near mid-field, but Papa Jim didn’t hesitate for a second to let Matt Prater do his thing from 56 yards out. Just to make it dramatic, the stone cold killer may or may not have decided to target the crossbar:

Did we say special teams? Jamal Agnew’s phenomenal punt return in the second half says yes:

You can find all of Dan Miller and Jim Brandstatter’s audio clips at the WJR audioboom web page. There is lots of great pregame content and interviews to listen to, and we highly recommend checking it out.