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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: Analysts still doubting the Lions

Apparently the Lions’ win over the Giants on the road wasn’t very convincing.

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NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions just beat the New York Giants in a convincing manner, in what many analysts called a “litmus test game.” If the Lions could beat a team desperate team like the Giants on their home turf, certainly it would prove Detroit belongs in the conversation of good-to-great teams.

But if Week 3’s power rankings are any indication, it will take a lot more to convince national writers of the Lions’ talent.

While some publications like SB Nation (our favorite), bumped the Lions four spots to seventh overall, a few actually had the Lions drop after their statement win. ESPN and CBS both dropped Detroit’s ranking a spot or two. And while Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab moved the lions up three spots, he still has the team at just 15th.

Here’s a look at all of the rankings from major publications.

SB Nation (“hope rankings”): 7th (up 4)
ESPN: 12th (down 2)
Washington Post: 8th (no change)
Bleacher Report (Simms): 8th (up 2)
Yahoo! Sports: 15 (up 3)
USA Today: 10th (up 3)
CBS: 10th (down 1) 8th (up 1)

Maybe some of these writers were on a deadline and had to submit their rankings before the end of Monday’s game. Sure, that’s what we’ll go with.

As for this week, the Lions will be facing off against a consensus top five team in the NFL. In fact, a few experts believe this is the very best team in the league. Take a look:

SB Nation (“hope rankings”): 5th
ESPN: 1st
Washington Post: 2nd
Bleacher Report (Simms): 5th
Yahoo! Sports: 2nd
USA Today: 2nd
CBS: 1st 4th

If the Lions are looking for respect, they certainly have the opportunity to earn it this week. If Detroit downs Atlanta and moves to 3-0, even the most stubborn doubters would have to eat some crow.