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Lions vs. Falcons: Random Stats

Taking a look at the history between the Lions and Falcons

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Here we are in Week 3. Man, this season is flying by. This week the Lions face the Atlanta Falcons, a team that many feel is the class of the NFC right about now. The Lions, as we know, aren’t looking bad themselves. They’re 2-0 for the first time since 2011.

Before we talk about the team that Ludacris calls his, let’s talk about 2-0 a little. This is the 27th time in franchise history that the Lions have started a season with two straight wins. Of those 27 times, a 2-0 start has lead to a winning record 17 times, and even one championship back in 1953.

As for the Lions and the Falcons, they’ve played each other 36 times since the Falcons entered the league in 1966. Speaking of 1966, just three days after the third ever episode of Star Trek and just a day after James Marshall Hendrix changed his name to Jimi Hendrix, the Lions and Falcons squared off for the first time at Tigers Stadium.

Milt Plum threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Lions to a 28-10 win. The Lions would go on have a record of 24-12 against the Falcons over the next 51 years.

Now let’s go to the social media questions.

Okay, I can do that. Jeff Komlo went 19-35 for 289 yards and two touchdowns. Dexter Bussey ran for 64 yards on 15 carries. The Lions forced the game’s only turnover, a Steve Bartowski interception that went right into the hands of Luther Bradley.

So this doesn’t happen as often as one may think it would... at least not as much as I thought it would. The Lions have played the Super Bowl loser 26 times since the Super Bowl became a thing in 1967.

In that time, the Lions have not performed well. They are 6-20 against the Super Bowl losers. They haven't played one since 2015. And they haven’t beat one since they beat the Rams in 2003. Interesting enough, the team they beat previous to that was the the Atlanta Falcons in 2000.

Dearest Michael,

I haven’t the time to argue with you. For there is battle to be done in the field. I can only tell you that the stat they call quarterback wins does not exist. However, the Falcons infantry of the 2008 company were able to plant their flag fully into the field of the NFC north division. I shall visit you upon my return.

This is so unbelievably close. Matt Ryan just ekes the win out here by 11 yards. Matthew Stafford has 888 yards and Matt Ryan has 899. These guys clearly see the same guru.

You’re right. This has happened a lot. 18 times, to be exact. And it was just four in the 90s. Fun fact about those 18 games: The Lions are 15-3 against the Falcons in those contests.

You were so close on your random stat, but since you were wrong we now require the sacrifice of all the triple A batteries in your house. Those things are impossible to find, yet used for everything. #BonusThisIsWhatIComplainAboutAroundTheHouseStat

Why thank you for this question, Alex. The correct answer is one. That distinction belongs to John Matthew Stafford.

I now have a confession. I talked it over with the rest of the POD staff, and we agree that I should share this distressing news. I have been watching this team for my entire life. I’ve covered them for the last three years. I just found out on Wednesday that Matthew Stafford’s actual first name is John. Forgive me for me insolence, for I am just a common man working hard with my hands.

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