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Week 3 NFL picks: Experts mostly predicting Falcons win over Lions

Not many see the Lions starting the season 3-0.

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions haven’t had a ton of supporters nationally through two weeks. A majority of NFL experts have picked against the Lions both against the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants.

This week, as the Lions face their toughest competition in the Atlanta Falcons, the tune is the same, only much more pronounced. Very few people across the country are liking Detroit’s chances against the reigning NFC champions.

National analysts:

ESPN: 2 of 10 picked Lions
SB Nation: 1 of 8 picked Lions
CBS Sports: 3 of 8 picked Lions
Pro Football Focus: 2 of 9 picked Lions
Sports Illustrated: 1 of 6 picked Lions

Total: 9 of 41 picked Lions (22%)

Last week, only 40 percent of national analysts picked the Lions. That number is nearly cut in half this week. Obviously, this is very understandable. The Falcons are widely considered a top five team in the NFL, while most are hesitant to crown the Lions.

So is local media buying into the Lions yet?

Local analysts:

MLive: 1 of 2 picked Lions
Freep: 1 of 4 picked Lions
Detroit News: 1 of 4 picked Lions
Detroit Jock City: 2 of 8 picked Lions
Pride of Detroit: 5 of 10 picked Lions

Total: 10 of 28 picked Lions (35.7%)

While the local analysts are a bit more optimistic about Detroit’s chances on Sunday, they, too, are mostly picking the Falcons to win.

What do you think is going to happen on Sunday? Is the media giving Detroit a fair shot against the Falcons? Sound off in the comments below.