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VIDEO: Lions robbed of last-second touchdown vs. Falcons

The Lions made a comeback, until they didn’t.

The Detroit Lions did it. Despite a stalled offense and a leaky defense, the Detroit Lions overcame it all and scored the game-winning score with just eight seconds left to play. The Lions were 3-0 and on their way to Minnesota.

Until the refs took over.

Golden Tate took an inside slant and reached over to the end zone. But as he was reaching, his left knee may have grazed the Ford Field turf.

The referees looked over the play for several minutes. Slow motion replay after slow motion replay seemed to show Tate’s knee come within millimeters of the turf.

After deliberating, the officials determined Tate’s knee had hit the ground, leaving the ball a half yard short. Because the touchdown call stopped the running clock, the overturn resulted in a 10-second runoff and the game was over.

What was once an unbelievable comeback became a touchdown robbed.

Was it the right call? You be the judge.

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