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Official Lions twitter proves 10-second runoff rule is a joke


NFL: NFL Meetings Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Following the bananas ending to Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, former NFL vice president of officiating and current rules analyst for FOX Sports Dean Blandino took to twitter to talk about the 10 second runoff that happened:

The official Lions twitter account took issue with the claim that no play could have been successfully executed by the offense in ten seconds:

Of course, you can’t just jab. When a jab gets in there and tags the target effectively, you just have to finish them off with the right cross from hell. How about some visual evidence from the tapes?

If I could do a decent Jim Ross impression right now, I would absolutely be doing it while reading that tweet. We salute you, official Lions twitter, for ownage most savage executed on Dean Blandino.

UPDATE - Here is Blandino’s longer explanation:

At 17 seconds into the video, he actually says: “And with eight seconds on the clock, it’s highly unlikely that Detroit gets another snap. That’s the logic behind the rule.”