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PODcast is gone. This is now a Lions HATEcast

rage rage rage rage rage rage rage

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

For one week, the Pride Of Detroit PODcast ceases to exist. We have killed it, temporarily, like a hero in an action movie. His mentor companion has saved him from death in an ambush by appearing to murder him, but the poison dart is really only stopping his heart for a short while.

What has taken its place is HATEcast.

Rage Corner? Don’t need it, it’s all day here. We’re just mad as hell and going all out. There is no room for rational talk here, even as Jeremy tries to shoehorn it in.

We talk about hate, we talk about how much we hate the call at the end of the game, that somehow it can be the right call but still screw over the Detroit Lions. We talk about falling off the wagon with some players we were desperately trying to cling to, and we discuss the hate being leveled at players around the league on Sunday and how much we hate that hate.

We hate to tell you but you should download this HATEcast from iTunes or find a place to hate it on Stitcher.

This week on HATEcast

  • No.
  • Just no.
  • How does this keep happening?
  • I didn’t even get to see the game and I’m mad.
  • I spent my Sunday at a Chargers tailgate for a story I’m working on, this is bull.
  • Why do NFL fans hate freedom?
  • Mailbag is honestly the one place where we loosen up and stop hating because ya’ll got weird, thank you.

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