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Golden Tate trolls NFL after Dez Bryant goal-line TD not overturned

Well played, Golden.

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

It’s been over 24 hours since Golden Tate was deemed short of the goal line on the final play of the game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons, but it appears the Lions receiver isn’t quite over it yet.

During the “Monday Night Football” game, Dez Bryant scored an impressive touchdown, in which he broke a few tackles and shoved his way to the end zone.

But upon review, it wasn’t exactly clear if the ball ever reached the goal line. Some camera angles seemed to suggest he was possibly short of the goal line.

However, officials decided there was not enough evidence to overturn the call on the field and the touchdown stood.

So what does that have to do with Golden Tate? Here’s what Tate tweeted after the call was upheld:

Tate is obviously still a little salty that his touchdown was overturned with shaky evidence. Whether you agree with the call on the Lions or not, Tate’s frustration is completely understandable. He had a game-winning touchdown taken away by a matter of inches, and he was further punished by an archaic rule.

Stay Golden, Tate.