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Oh boy, it’s prediction time on the PODcast. Also: QB LISTCAST

We happy few run through the Lions season as only PODcast can do.

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Lions season is here. It’s in the air and you can taste the Honolulu blue Kool-Aid on your very lips. The air is crisp and burnt and there’s a faint smell of turpentine. PODcast has to get into seasonal shape, and that means it’s the final offseason format of the year.

We had a great time ferrying you through the mires of No Football, but now it’s back baby. It’s here, it’s good again and we’re ready to go.

Thanks for sticking with PODcast. Download and subscribe on iTunes or find us on Stitcher. You’ll need us in season, I promise.

This week on the PODcast

  • Ryan had to eat mozzarella sticks. For whatever reason he’s very sick now. Send help.
  • The final 53-man roster for the Lions had a lot of surprises on it. We go through some of the biggest shocks.
  • I sit back and fire off questions to Jeremy and Ryan about the Lions season. What’s the biggest stumbling block game of the year? How will the NFC North shake out? Where can the playoff dream potentially end? Can you answer most of these questions without saying “Packers at home on Dec. 31”?
  • Quarterback LISTCAST is here. The final positional LISTCAST was saved for the grand finale. It’s here. Will someone be adequate? You know it.
  • Mailbag, because you’re beautiful and deserve it.

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