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Arizona columnist picks Detroit Lions to win Super Bowl

It seems there’s one every year.

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Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

While most of the NFL media is trying to figure out what to make of the 2017 Detroit Lions, there is a small contingent that is strangely optimistic. Not that the Lions haven’t earned some faith with two playoff appearances in three years, but the overall consensus seems to be that the team is doomed to regress after a year of “lucky” comebacks.

Still, some hope remains, not just among Lions fans, but within a maverick columnist or two.

But no sportswriter is more optimistic than Greg Moore of The Arizona Republic and He, along with the entire staff at made their playoff and Super Bowl picks for the 2017 NFL season. Moore was the only columnist of four to pick the Detroit Lions as a playoff team, but he didn’t stop there. Moore picked the Lions to win Super Bowl LII. Here’s proof:

And just in case you thought that was photoshopped, the article is available online, too.

But there’s a catch. Moore was born and raised in Detroit. He said he learned to read from the Detroit Free Press. And he has a certain tradition every year with his NFL predictions:

Yes, it appears this is simply an annual tradition from Moore, but who can blame him? The one year he turns out to be right—if it ever happens—he’ll look like a genius.