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2017 Lions predictions: Will Jim Caldwell be the head coach in 2018?

How hot is Jim Caldwell’s seat? Is he gone next season?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Our 2017 Detroit Lions season preview continues and turns its focus onto head coach Jim Caldwell. Some believe he enters his second year under general manager Bob Quinn on the hot seat. The Lions appear to have plateaued in the past three years, earning nothing more than a Wildcard berth and a first-round exit in the playoffs.

So we asked the Pride of Detroit staff:

Will Jim Caldwell be the head coach of the Lions in 2018?

Andrew Kato: Yes.

Of course. Papa Jim is the best head coach the Lions have had in decades. Even Caldwell haters have to admit he has done well in terms of win-loss record and playoff appearances, given the situation he inherited.

Kent Lee Platte: No.

No. Despite doing the best he can with a roster not yet ready, I'm doubtful Caldwell is retained with a playoff miss.

Christopher Perfett: Yes.

I don't see why not. He's not great but you're not going to make this franchise better by going after yet another coach. To elaborate, let me post here what was originally cut from my interview over on Pats Pulpit:

"The cost-benefit of firing [Caldwell] isn't enough to bother. Josh McDaniels would probably be exposed as a clownfraud the moment he walked in and started putting up posters with words like EARN THIS and forcing everyone to turn off Eminem. He psychically represents the low-tide of this eternal dance of non-Belichick-ian coaches; the hard-ass trying to act like Vince Lombardi incarnate, instilling iron-hand order only to end up going 7-9, getting his shit stomped in by every team with a pulse, embarrassing himself on Hard Knocks and eventually getting canned after three seasons so the new front office can bring in the Ryan brothers. The NFL is full of brain geniuses."

Ryan Mathews: Yes.

Not only will Caldwell be the Lions' head coach in 2018, he should be their guy for the foreseeable future--however long that is in today's NFL.

Players seem to enjoy playing for him, probably because he has a firm and respectable handshake. Also, if you're drawing up the consummate professional to head up your operations, wouldn't you want someone who is always on time?

Jeremy Reisman: Yes.

I’m not very high on the Lions this year, but everyone just assumes that Jim Caldwell isn’t Bob Quinn’s guy. I’m not so certain. If the Lions get rid of Caldwell, it means they’re likely getting rid of their entire coaching staff. Are you the one that wants to pull the plug on Matthew Stafford playing at his best at the peak point in his career?

Alex Reno: Yes.

I don't need to tell you how much of a disaster this season would have to be to get Caldwell canned before next season. Let's just not talk about this.

Mike Payton: Yes.

It's going to take an absolute train wreck of a season to lose Jim Caldwell. The fact remains, this team has bought into Jim. But no job is set in stone. Still, I say Jim is around for a long time.

Justin Simon: (conditional) Yes.

Jim Caldwell will only be back in 2018 if the Lions have a winning season and/or make the playoffs. If the Lions have a losing record in 2017, I think Bob Quinn will be willing to move on. He knows when to cut his losses with players and I don't think it will be any different with the current coaching staff.

Kyle Yost: Yes.

Even though the Lions will likely miss the playoffs this season, Jim Caldwell will get another go in 2018. As general manager Bob Quinn continues to reshape the roster to his own desires, Caldwell is forced to make do with the current resources. 2018 may be Caldwell’s last shot if he falters again, but showing him the door after this year would be a mistake.


Will Jim Caldwell be the Lions’ head coach in 2018?

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