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WATCH: Lions-Cardinals Week 1 matchup on Madden NFL 18

It’s our first Madden simulation of the season, and you’re invited.

There are plenty of goodies to keep your eyeballs occupied and your pleasure centers... pleasured? But, there’s only one place to catch all of the Detroit Lions games before they actually happen, and that’s here at Pride of Detroit.

Last season, we simulated each week of the Lions’ season with the help of Madden NFL 17, and gave you the chance to join the live stream and conversation. This year, my non denominational religious holiday came early, and we now have Madden NFL 18 to help usher your Saturday mornings into some actual football for yet another season.

Be sure you’re tuning in live at 10:30 a.m. ET, because these things are not available on demand. Once it’s over, it’s lost in the ether forever. FOMO is real, you guys. Don’t MO.

Once the clock hits 10:30, the stream will begin below.

It’s Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals. This time, it’s (not) for real.