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Rumor: Only ‘cold feet’ could keep Matt Patricia from the Detroit Lions job

One NFL insider believes the Lions are the heavy favorite to land Patricia.

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Well, it’s been a week since the Detroit Lions have interviewed a head coaching candidate, and with no news to report, we’re left to rely on more leaks and rumors to guide us during the dark.

After a week of reports suggesting that Detroit’s No. 1 candidate—Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia—was slowly being pried from their grasp by the New York Giants, Pro Football Weekly brings optimism back to Detroit. According to Hub Arkush, the Lions are in a very good spot regarding Patricia (h/t to @Megatron81_ for the tip):

Perhaps the worst-kept secret in sports is that Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn’s first choice for the next head coach of the Lions is Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

According to our sources the only way that doesn’t happen is if Patricia chooses to stay with Belichick, which wouldn’t be at all surprising, or Quinn gets cold feet waiting on Patricia through a long playoff run should the Pats get to the Super Bowl while other staffs begin to fill.

That is certainly an optimistic look at the Lions’ chances at Patricia, but there are two odd things about the report. First, it mentions the possibility of Patricia turning the job down to return to New England. This is the first I’ve seen that mentioned as a realistic possibility, and Arkush says it “wouldn’t be at all surprising.”

The second oddity is that it doesn’t mention the Giants... at all. By all accounts this week, the Giants are somewhere between mildly interested and completely obsessed with Patricia as a head coaching candidate. Arkush’s failure to even mention them as a possibility either speaks to the New York media’s hubris about the odds Patricia lands with the Giants, or to Akrush’s own ignorance.

Either way, just add this to the pile of reports from this week that ultimately tells us one thing: We have no idea what’s actually going on.

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