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Super Bowl 2018: The best places to watch the Big Game

Beware of the house party.

Super Bowl LI Watch Parties In Boston Photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Whether you’re a football fan or not, the Super Bowl in an American event. The entire country seems to stop for four hours to watch two football teams go toe-to-toe, only to be interrupted by a hyper-pop halftime performance and a bunch of ad agencies putting their “best” work out there for all to see.

But what is the best way to consume this megalomaniacal event? Let’s dig into the options in watching this year’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

House parties

By far the most popular option, house parties have several pros to them. First, you get to eat a bunch of food that you didn’t have to put in the effort to make, and it’s free! You also get to hang out with a bunch of other people, which can be both a pro and a con.

Then there’s squares. Squares is the only acceptable form of sports gambling, because it’s almost always low-stakes, there aren’t people out there pretending to be Squares Experts and everyone has the same chance to win. To me, Squares is an essential part to Super Bowl Sunday.

But there are plenty of downsides, too. House parties tend to be very loud, so if you’re interested in the commentary from Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, you probably aren’t going to get it. There’s also the annoyance of having non-football fans watching a football game. Some may find an inquisitive non-football fan asking a ton of questions to be annoying, but I actually don’t mind someone who is genuinely curious about the game.

But there is one brand of non-football fan that are some of the most annoying people in the world: I call them Sportsball Guys. It’s the non-sports fan that is so proud they’re against sports. That person will interrupt someone who is invested in the game and—speaking loud enough for everyone around them to hear—will say, “HOW IS OUR SPANDEX-WEARING TEAM DOING? DID WE THROW THE PUCK THROUGH THE HOOP? I LOVE SPORTSBALL. GO, SCORE!”

You’re not funny, and you’re ruining the game for us. I don’t come into your comic book movie midnight screenings and scream “BOY, I HOPE THE VILLAIN GUY DOESN’T BLOW UP THE EARTH! I SURE HOPE OUR RAGTAG GROUP OF HEROES CAN GET IT TOGETHER IN TIME TO SAVE US ALL.”

So anyways, house parties are both good and bad.

At a bar

I personally haven’t done this, but the sports environment at the bar is top notch. You’ve got intoxicated people screaming and yelling at televisions, and depending on where you watch the game, you usually get a good mix of supporters for both teams. Watching sports events at a bar is just as much about people watching as it is about sports watching. And, best of all, you’re in a room full of strangers. You don’t have to awkwardly run into your co-worker the next morning after he openly wept for 25 minutes following Brady’s sixth Super Bowl win.

The big downside here is price. Expensive beer, expensive food and it’s all probably jacked up for The Big Game.

By yourself

If you’re a football purist or have a family to tend to, watching by yourself is perfectly acceptable. You don’t have to buy into the spectacle of an event; just treat it like a normal football Sunday. No lines for the bathroom, no people to interrupt your focus on the game, and no spending $10 for a pint of Guinness.

While you don’t get the intoxicating environment of a public space, you do get the comfort of your own couch, full control over the TV (to switch to the Puppy Bowl at halftime) and your choice of toppings on the pizza.

Through the portal to an alternate dimension in which the Lions are playing

I recommend this one.


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